Pigpen Profile

Meet the Performers: Andre Johnson

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Andre who?

Oh, you are about to find out my buddies. We’re back with our next reasons to be pretty pigpen profile!

This time we have Andre Johnson, who will be playing our favorite small town alpha male: KENT.

What made you audition for reasons to be pretty?
Tony contacted me about auditioning. It sounded fun and I like Tony, so I decided to attend.
How do you relate to your character?
I don’t, haha. At all. Kent is pretty much the polar opposite of who I am as a person. I do enjoy baseball though.
What do you dislike about your character?
Literally everything. He cheats, he’s two-faced, he values people based on what they contribute to his own status, he’s super misogynistic, he’s hyper-masculine… He embodies pretty much everything I hate.
What is your favorite part of the show?
Probably when I’m describing Crystal to Greg and describing the color of her eyes in the most inept way possible.
Who inspires you?
Among people I know personally, definitely my mother. She’s a fantastic role model and a powerful person. When it comes to celebrities and that kind of folk, I really like Terry Crews, and the Internet personalities I follow most are the Game Grumps, who are pretty much living my dream every day.
How did you first get involved with performing?
A drama class in middle school got me interested, but what solidified it was taking drama classes in high school. A teacher from one such class was directing a school musical, and she offered me a role 2 weeks before opening, and I took it and loved the experience, so I just ran with it.
What is your dream role?
Seaweed from Hairspray would be so much fun, or George Washington or Aaron Burr from Hamilton. But then I’d have to learn how to actually sing.
If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Probably spaghetti. Or juice, if that’s an option. If I could be guaranteed to get all my required vitamins and nutrients and not get canker sores every day of my life, I would just drink juice forever.
What is your favorite fandom?
That’s tough, a lot of fandoms are kind of awful… I guess the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom? They’re generally pretty agreeable and don’t gang up to bash people or nothing.
What has been your biggest takeaway from this show?
So many issues could be resolved with open and honest communication.
Do you have any upcoming projects or social media plugs?
Not at the moment. I am trying to force myself to write and record a video series about the psychological impacts of video games and media, which I’m going to upload to my YouTube channel CascoreGamer. As might be expected, it’s entirely video game related stuff, and lately I’m attempting to branch out into more thoughtful content than I’ve been putting up so far.
Thank you Andre Johnson for your candor. reasons to be pretty opens Friday September 28th at 7:30pm and closes October 6th. Get your tickets today!

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