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Meet the Performers: Clare Thompson

Are we on a Fantastic Voyage-style shrunken submarine traveling through a second-string Peanuts character? Because we just entered the Pigpen.

This time around we talk to recent AZ transplant Clare Thompson, about walking the tightrope of male expectations and self-worth that comes with playing CARLY.

What made you audition for reasons to be pretty?

I had a professor say to me once that I “need to do a Neil Labute play at least once, because if you can make Labute look good you can do anything.” So when I saw the posting for the audition I took it as a sign.

How do you relate to your character?

There aren’t many aspects of Carly that I relate too. But that’s the challenge and the fun part of being an actor, I get to play somebody who isn’t me.

What do you dislike about your character?

Carly is stuck in an abusive relationship. But mainly that she is the male “idea” of how a woman behaves.

What is your favorite part of the show?

My favorite part of show is when Kent get’s punched.

Who inspires you?

I’m not inspired not by anyone specifically, but rather the world that we live in. I’m inspired by the grass that grows through the concrete despite all odds being against it, the couple fighting in the grocery store over almond milk vs cashew milk, by long bus trips with so many lives that are riding together. Nature, People, and our Society is what truly drives my creativity.

How did you first get involved with performing?

I have been performing since my first role as Baby Jesus.

What is your dream role?

I would love to play a character named Woyzeck. A man who becomes so completely overwhelmed by the pressures of society it leads him to kill his wife on the blood moon.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Pomegranates, fresh juicy pomegranates.

What is your favorite fandom?

I don’t have a fandom. I try not to get hyper obsessed with anything.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this show?

The people that I have met have been the biggest takeaway. Every rehearsal has been fun and entertaining.

Do you have any upcoming projects or social media plugs?

I’m shooting a movie in LA in November but can’t release any information at this time!

IG: @starvinglittleartist

Thank you Clare for your candor. reasons to be pretty opens Friday September 28th at 7:30pm and closes October 6th. Get your tickets today!


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