Pigpen Profile

Pigpen Profiles: Nathan Smith

The Pigpen is open again with the cast of Per, opening this Friday, September 20. To start us off is the man himself, Perses Nilsson, played by Nathan Smith:

What is your theatre background?

I started acting in high school and since then I’ve never considered stopping. I continued performing at Mesa Community College, and these days I am lucky  to be able to focus on improving as a performer with excellent local theatres like Laughing Pig! 

How do you feel about true crime?

I’m conflicted. I think a fascination with darkness is normal, and I love a good documentary no matter the subject. However, I feel the genre has contributed to an unrealistic sense of fear and mistrust. If you pick up a hitch hiker, the odds are probably higher that you’ll kill them in a wreck than that they’ll murder you. Which one are you worried about though?

What is a favorite family memory you have?

I recently said that Ceres was an asteroid and my 3 year old nephew immediately corrected and told me it was a dwarf planet. 

What’s next for you in theatre?

Who really knows? Maybe a meteorite will destroy the human race on closing night. If not, I’m always auditioning for new shows around the valley! 

What’s something you love that you wish you got to talk about more?

The great Pyramid at Giza has 8 sides, not 4. It is built of about 2,300,000 stones weighing from 2-80 tons each, cut and carried from miles away in Aswan and then somehow lifted as high as 140 meters to be placed. It was was painstakingly built upon a non-level surface to incorporate the “subterranean chamber,” and an existing electromagnetic anomaly. It incorporates the values of Pi, and Fi, and the accurate circumference of the Earth into its proportions and while it was coated in limestone, the interior and largest stones are granite- which is among the hardest stones worked by man, and will break copper tools with barely a scratch.

Just for fun: Tacos, Burgers, or Pizza?


Get your tickets now for Per, playing Friday-Saturday nights September 20-28 at 7:30 in the Mesa Arts Center Acting Studio. Discounts available for students, educators, veterans and theatre artists!

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