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Pigpen Profiles: Tony Moschetti

Like the start of a bad joke, the doctor and the priest step out on stage this week played by our own Tony Moschetti.

What is your theatre background?

I did youth community theatre classes when I was in middle school because my parents wanted me to have a hobby and flag football made me cry. I eventually received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance from NAU, and a couple years ago Taylor and I started doing our own productions with some friends.

How do you feel about true crime?

I’m actually fairly indifferent to it. My wife listens to some true crime podcasts and I’ll listen in sometimes, but I don’t seek it out. I get the appeal, I just like fiction more.

What is a favorite family memory you have?

Unlike the dynamic in Per, my parents and my wife do try to get along. I remember once we all went to this orchard in southern Arizona called Apple Annie’s. We had gone as a kid so I built it up a lot and was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype. But there is something so satisfying and fun about picking fruits and veggies. Where else can you use the word bushel casually?

What’s next for you in theatre?

I will be acting in one of the short plays featured in our Now What? event in October, and then I will be directing Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner by Darcy Parker Bruce in January.

What’s something you love that you wish you got to talk about more?

I have a sincere love for James Bond movies, slasher movies, and kung fu movies. I feel like I know people who also like those things, but haven’t been able to really geek out.

Just for fun: Tacos, Burgers, or Pizza?

If I had to pick one, maybe Burgers? If I didn’t have to pick one, I would get 2 huge New York cheese slices, cover them with chorizo, beans and salsa, fold them over, and use them as a bun for a bacon cheeseburger. Yeah.

Get your tickets now for Per, playing Friday-Saturday nights September 20-28 at 7:30 in the Mesa Arts Center Acting Studio. Discounts available for students, educators, veterans and theatre artists!

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