Pigpen Profile, Upcoming Performance

Pigpen Profiles: Erin Cote

The Pigpen is open again with the cast of Always Plenty of Light in the Starlight All Night Diner, opening this Friday, January 10th. To start us off is one of our leading ladies, Jessa, played by the incredibly talented Erin Cote:
What is your favorite and least favorite part about Jessa?
My favorite part about Jessa is her resilience. Even with everything she is going through, she seems like the person who will figure it out and land on her feet. My least favorite part (and I’ve been struggling with this) is her selfishness. Does she honestly love Sam (I think a part of her does) or is it just the convenience of not having to be alone (I also think this is part of it, too.)
Why did you want to be involved in this show?
This is a good challenge for me. I love romance and comedy, but I usually play people I easily like. It was a challenge playing someone that I disagree with and think is a kinda terrible person! Jessa is a tease.
If you could travel to any time in history, when and where would you want to travel? Why? What would you want to see?
Most likely Elizabethan England to see Shakespeare. I love the bard.
What is your favorite type of Pie? Convince us.
My mom makes this special pie every thanksgiving we call sugar pie or graham cracker pie. It is a custard pie that is vanilla flavored. It has a graham cracker crust and a meringue topping. It is my favorite because not only is it damn delicious, but seeing it means we are on vacation. I never see this pie in restaurants, but everyone I make it for always says “wow this is so good”. It is, because it’s made by a sweet and kind mom from Indiana. 
What is next for you?
I’m still on LPT’s improv team, but I’m very excited to take a wee break. Been involved in back to back shows and need to recharge my artistic battery. Recharge usually doesn’t take long hahaha
Handles or anything we should follow?
You can read more about me at misscote.com
Get your tickets now for Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner today, playing Friday-Saturday nights January 10-18 at 7:30 in the Mesa Arts Center Acting Studio. Discounts available for students, educators, veterans and theatre artists!

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