Pigpen Profile, Upcoming Performance

Pigpen Profiles: Itzel Romero

Next up in Pigpen Profiles with the cast of Always Plenty of Light in the Starlight All Night Diner, opening this Friday, January 10th. We have the quirky and lovable wunderkind Danni played by the wonderful Itzel Romero.
Picture credit from Funny for a Girl by Bella Tindall
What is your favorite and least favorite part about them?
My favorite part of the show is watching the romance between Sam and Jessa develop throughout the show. You can see how much they care for and pine fro each other, and then as they come together-! It’s lovely and I really enjoy watching it happen.
My  least favorite part would be the time travelling slow motion- and that’s only because I myself am so bad at keeping the right timing. I always end up in the wrong place- I just feel a little silly when I’m sitting and done and everyone else is still going or vice versa. (。´∀`)ノ
Why did you want to be involved in this show?
To be honest, I saw the character descriptions and I was like Yup! This is for me! It’s LGBT and got dinosaurs, that’s my whole deal, I’m IN! Then I read the play, and honestly I really loved it. I think it’s a lot of fun and clever and I just got more excited than I did before about this show and the story it tells.
If you could travel to any time in history, when and where would you want to travel? Why? What would you want to see?
Y’know? I never have a good answer to this question. I’d like to see some dinosaurs, but then again I could go to renaissance times and wreak havoc with their perception of mythology…… Ahhh I don’t know! There’s a lot of history out there and I just don’t know where I’d start.
What is your favorite type of Pie? Convince us.
My favorite pie is lemon meringue. It’s the best pie because it has two of the best elements for a pie: cream/meringue on top & just lemon on bottom. It’s like an edible slice of lemonade, only better. I hear what you’re saying, “But what about other fruit pies? There are a lot that are structured in the way you just described.” Well to that I say; Lemon is the superior citrus fruit and on its own it is delicious, and as a pie! The pie is a perfect mix of sweet and tangy, the perfect refresher as dessert after a meal or even on its own. Lemons are good, pie is good. Together? Preeetttttyyyyyy nice.
What is next for you? 
I’m not sure yet! I’m finishing my degree by May, so I haven’t been looking for other opportunities to keep focus. But working on a show is so much fun that I should probably just find more, huh?
Handles or anything we should follow?
I’ve only got an instagram, @space.unicron  if anyone would like to follow me there. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Get your tickets now for Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner today, playing Friday-Saturday nights January 10-18 at 7:30 in the Mesa Arts Center Acting Studio. Discounts available for students, educators, veterans and theatre artists!

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