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Pigpen Profiles: Casey Anderson

Continuing the spotlight on Always Plenty of Light at the Starlight All Night Diner by Darcy Bruce, we have the doctor played by the super kind and all around cool guy, Casey Anderson.
What is your favorite and least favorite part about Dr. Moxi?
I truly wish the Dr. would be more open to communicate his feelings with those around him in a more intelligible manner? Yeah, yeah, if people actually communicated then there goes like 99 percent of all drama, but this is just like a what if, ya know?
Why did you want to be involved in this show?
I wanted to be involved with this show because everything Laughing Pig Theatre does is passion driven. Performing like this is new to me and daunting at times and they create a space where I feel comfortable and challenged.
If you could travel to any time in history, when and where would you want to travel? Why? What would you want to see?
Hands down I’d love to travel to the Manhattan area before colonizers came and mucked it up. I watched A New World by Terrence Malick and yeah he clearly didn’t film then/there but his images of it where gorgeous.
What is your favorite type of Pie? Convince us.
Lemon meringue tart. I think that counts as a pie. Anyway, the crust is more substantial than those flaccid apple pies or punkin pies. And the tart lemon custard makes your mouth pucker just a bit and the toasted meringue on top really mellows it out is to die for.
What is next for you? 
Next I’ll be in another Laughing Pig Theatre production called Shopping and F*$#%ing. It’s gonna be rad. Come check it out
Get your tickets now for Per, playing Friday-Saturday nights September 20-28 at 7:30 in the Mesa Arts Center Acting Studio. Discounts available for students, educators, veterans and theatre artists!

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